An unobtrusive and lightweight option for protecting your mobile phone from damage. The case is extremely easy to fit. Just slot it around the back of the mobile phone and ensure it is firmly in place. Once fitted, it provides a good degree of protection from scratches and scuffs, as well as a barrier against impacts and the damage they can cause.

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  1. Comparability- Available for almost all mobile phones models, please enter your mobile phone model before you add it to cart.
  2. Reliable Protection- This cover provides full 360* protection to the mobile as It covers from all 4 sides of your phone.This cover protects your phone from accidental Drops, Bumps & Scratches.
  3. Installation – Simply has to unbox the cover and has to apply directly, No Tool is required.
  4. Cutting – Perfect cutouts allow easy access to all buttons, camera control and all other controls

Additional information

Weight 25 g

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